Monte Carlo, Ventimiglia & Father’s Day

Spent most of this week in Monte Carlo, Monaco photographing an international TV festival. It was very civilized and organized … quite different than what I’m used to in Paris! There were many American TV stars but the highlight for me was shooting Robert Duval, especially this photo.

Another highlight was meeting the Prince of Monaco. Albert looks pretty much like most people’s accountant but is very friendly and rather informal for royalty. I was so tempted to ask him why Monaco has no king but just a series of princes. Does anyone know the answer to this? Is that why it’s a principality or is that term just a coincidence? I have no idea. You can see some of my favorite images from the Festival here:

Monte Carlo TV Festival – Favorites

After the festival was over, I had an extra day before I had to head back to Paris. Since we were only 15 minutes by train from the border of Italy, I decided to spent half a day in Ventimiglia, an Italian border town that is only really known for it’s Friday morning market … and lucky for me that’s when I was there. The market was filled with mostly low-end counterfeit stuff and wasn’t really so impressive. But even though the town was just a few minutes from France, it had a distinctly Italian feel to it. I had a delicious pizza and of course a gelato and then made my way back to Paris via Nice. You can see a few Ventimiglia photos here:


Happy Father’s Day to everyone it applies to!

Just one photo from the week this week …

Strange Promotion? Free pizza cutter when you buy fabric softener


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  1. Posted by Manuella on June 18, 2007 at 8:38 am

    We’re quite original! 😉


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