Old Singers, Fashion and Shitty Sand

The active summer season in Paris continued this week. Shot the concerts of a couple of singers who have been around a while … Julio Iglesias and Barbra Streisand. It was Streisand’s first ever performance in France. She told the audience that she was inspired by French actress Sarah Bernhardt; she said she was feeling too tired to come to Europe for a concert at this stage of her career but that if Bernhardt could come to America and act after having a leg amputated, then she figured she could at least find the energy to come to Paris and do a show.

She played in front of a packed house. Those in attendance included the First Lady of France Cecilia Sarkozy and French singing legend Charles Aznavour just to name a few. The day after the concert, Streisand went to the presidential palace and received the French Legion of Honor medal from President Sarkozy. “You are the America that we love,” Mr. Sarkozy said.

Men’s Fashion Week started this week. I have to say the men’s fashion doesn’t have near the ambience or excitement (personal or professional!) as the women’s shows. But on the plus side, I receive less bruises since there are fewer large Italian photographers battling for position along the catwalk than during the women’s shows.

One photo I missed this week was of a poster on the metro advertising a family amusement park called “La Mer de Sable” or “The Sea of Sand”. In either an act of marketing genius or complete inanity (I know which I think it is), their website address for the park drops the “La” and is http://www.merdesable.fr The word “merde” means “shit” in French … so basically their website address translates to http://www.ShitSand.com. Not since General Motors tried to sell the Chevy Nova in Mexico (No Va means “does not go” in Spanish) without changing the name have I seen such a marketing blunder.

One photo of the week …

A Fashion Show Attendee


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