Venice, Cesena, Cattolica and Tony Parker

Missed last week’s blog entry due to my travels in Italy.

Three of my cousins and my aunt flew from Los Angeles to Venice, Italy to begin a 12-day cruise around the Mediterranean. Thanks to some prodding and subsequent covert planning with one of my cousins, I went to Venice and gave my aunt and other cousins quite a surprise when I showed up and knocked on their door at their hotel. Although the first time one sees Venice it’s unforgettable, it’s probably my least favorite Italian city given how expensive it is, its lack of good food and the density of tourists. But this trip I quite enjoyed the city – probably because I stayed on the more quiet island just across the Grand Canal from St Marco’s Square. And we even found a superb restaurant that only a local (or a tourist that got really good directions from a local) could find (seriously ask me for the name of the place if you’re going to Venice).

To see more images of Venice, CLICK HERE.

Guided by its ridiculously tasty gelato stands, we passed a couple of nice days exploring Venice before saying our goodbyes. I took the boat back to the airport, rented a miniscule Smart Car and headed down the Adriatic coast to meet some of my Italian friends who happened to be vacationing there (they normally live in Paris). Passed an enormous roadside pumpkin/squash/gourd stand (see photo) and had some dramatic views of the coast in between the passing storm clouds. Met my friends in Cesena, where we spent a wonderful evening eating local food (I wish I could remember the name of the pizza/calzone-related dish we all shared for dinner – pictured above) and having a drink at an out-of-the-way villa that my friend from Cesena knew about.

Spent the night and the next day at my friend’s aunt’s house in Cattolica. The house was quite large and situated on a huge plot of land covered with various fruit trees. Attached to the house was a 12th century chapel that was included on the Italian heritage registry. It was beautiful but the highlight was the homemade pasta and peach tart lunch made from the garden veggies and fruits that my friend’s aunt prepared for us – a real treat.
Before I left Paris for Italy, I got to photograph the French national basketball team compete in a mini-tournament on the outskirts of Paris. Normally this event would be almost as interesting as watching a tree grow but since NBA star point guard Tony Parker (yes, the one who was recently married to the Desperate Housewives woman) was playing, I went to go shoot it. The game included a few other known players such as Lakers reserve Ronny Turiaf and Frederick Weiss, the guy known only as the seven-footer that Vince Carter jumped completely over and dunked on during the Olympics.
Some photos of the week:

Unbelievable Toy
Anti-pollution police
This is just wrong in France (or anywhere really)


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Giulia on August 27, 2007 at 2:41 pm

    …and the name of the kind of bread from my region is: PIADINA and CRESCIONI !!!!!
    Thanks for coming dear David


  2. Posted by Anonymous on September 7, 2007 at 8:13 am

    Come on! where did you find that in France? It’s totally wrong, you’re right! We are more “raffinés” people! 😉


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