American Film Festival of Deauville – Part 2

Apart from the goings-on of the Festival, not much to blog about this week. I did manage to see two excellent documentaries. The first was “When the Levees Broke”, a Spike Lee documentary about the lead up to, during and after Katrina. I saw a lot of footage I had never seen and stories I had never heard before. The other documentary was called “Brando” and was all about the life of Marlon Brando. It had great interviews with people who knew him best, some of them famous, some not. Both worthwhile films.

Hanging out with French photographers for 9 days really improved my street French. I can now say things in French that I can’t legally put in this blog! It was quite a good time here in Deauville, personally and professionally.

Since it’s too soon (legally) for me to publish my festival photos on my blog, feel free to send me an email and I can send you a private link to see the images.

Two photos of the week:

Savage Butcher
Cabbage in the Marais


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