Elton and Saint-Malo

Spent the first part of the week in Paris and then headed back out to Saint-Malo. For those of you not familiar with Saint-Malo, it is the walled, port city on the Northwest coast of France, just below the English Channel and the islands of Jersey and Guernsey. It’s relatively small town (50,000 permanent residents) but can grow to about 200,000 with the summer visitors. I will be spending some time there and hope to share more of the city with you. It’s quite a nice place, with dramatic sunsets and crazy tides … sometimes the main beach there is 50 meters wide (close to 50 yards) and then within a short period of time the beach is completely swallowed by the sea.

When I was in Paris earlier in the week, I got to shoot one of my all-time favorites … Elton John. We got to shoot only 1 song, but luckily it was “Love Lies Bleeding/Funeral for a Friend” which lasts 12 minutes. It was the first time I sang all the lyrics and shot at the same time.

I am on a train right now heading back to Paris and a couple right in front of me seems to have eaten too many oysters during their stay here in Saint-Malo … they’re putting on a little show for the whole car. I love train travel.

Two photos of the week …

Clearly Chucky Cheese inspired
One of my favorite cafes in Paris – Cafe Lea


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  1. Posted by Anonymous on September 17, 2007 at 6:03 pm

    ” It was the first time I sang all the lyrics and shot at the same time.”
    Didn’t you sing all the lyrics as well when you shot Destiny’s child? MDR


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