Human Rights Watch, Elite Models, Late Night Bike Riding

It was a relatively calm week. Did a couple of shoots for Human Rights Watch – their press conference announcing the opening of their Paris office and also an event highlighting the horrors
of landmines and cluster munitions. I learned quite a bit listening to some top experts speak on this subject.

I also went to the Ritz Hotel in Place Vendome to photograph the Elite Model Look Competition. It was the national finalsand featured the top 13-16 year old models from France that will move on to compete against the winners from other countries. I found it all quite perverse; these girls were SO young and nervous and really didn’t seem like they were enjoying what they were doing at all. To see more images from the competition, CLICK HERE.

My favorite 30 minutes of the week was riding a Velib (free city bicycle) home from a party at 3:00am. The city really feels like it yours at that hour. No cars, no noise … just beautifully lit buildings and a feeling of tranquility. I really loved it … more than the party!

Some photos of the week:

Long ATM transaction
I can’t believe it’s already been copied
Dogs drinking from fountain near Pompidou Center
Fall is coming – Musee Carnavelet


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