World Conference, MTV Europe Music Awards and Pink Martini

Did some highly-entertaining corporate work this week. A big, international accounting firm had their world conference in Paris and hired me to capture the special events they had planned: a private party at the Louvre, an afternoon on a yacht along the Seine and a private fashion show and dinner at the Chateau of Versailles.

The event at Versailles was exceptional, something that evidently doesn’t happen very often. I wish I could post more photos for you to see but I’m seriously restricted due to very strict rules regarding photographs of the Chateau (but I’ll post a few anyway).

Spent 3 days in Munich to photograph the MTV Europe Music Awards. The show was hosted by Snoop Dogg and I thought how strange it was that two homeboys from Long Beach end up in Germany together at an awards show! The show was typically crazy with a big jacuzzi filled with models in the middle of the audience.

I got out and about in Munich but I was a bit under the weather and didn’t get to explore the way I normally would. I have to say the peacefulness, organization and general good behavior of its residents make Munich a really nice break from more latin-blooded cities.

English Gardens
I was most impressed with the number of organic restaurants and stores as well as the wide variety of quality ethnic foods available. I ate tasty Afghanistan, Ethiopian, Thai, Mexican and of course some German food (schnitzel) while I was there. And I wasn’t too disturbed when the menu at the German restaurant included things like a beetroot margarita and tuna puree (not kidding).

This last Friday, the Portland-based music group Pink Martini was back in Paris for a show at the legendary Grand Rex Theatre. I’ve photographed them a half-dozen times now and I really enjoy their music. I’ve become friends with a few of the band members and now each time they pass through Paris, we get together and they graciously give me excellent tickets to their shows. I had dinner with one of the band members this time and we had a good laugh at the fact that he went to a rival high school in Long Beach and we graduated the same year! The show was entertaining as always but it was especially nice to be seated in the audience instead of taking photos.

And a few photos of the week:

Waiters at the Chateau de Versailles
Good news!
Not sure this store name would work in the US
Trader Vics in Munich – Who knew?


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