Back in Paris …

I’m back in Paris, just in time for Spring. And other than the fact that the high temperature was 36 degrees the day that I arrived, it’s nice being back. My head’s still a bit cloudy (more than normal) but slowly I’m stabilizing.

So, what’s happened since I’ve been here? Let’s see. When I arrived at the airport and attempted to get cash from the ATM after not having used my French bank card in a while, I entered the wrong pin code. My jetlagged mind was telling me it was the right code (in fact, it was the code of my last card!) and so I entered it again. I figured the third time would be the charm. And it was, if charm could be equated to inaneness. The machine ate my card and now 1 week later, I still don’t have it. My bank is telling me that I should wait a couple of more weeks and “see what happens” and if it doesn’t come back, I’ll have to apply (and pay) for another one. Keep in mind this is not just an ATM card; it’s also my credit card. Evidently the bank thinks a 3-4 week separation from my card and a 70 euro fee is a just penalty for temporarily forgetting my pin code.

What else? Oh yes … the electricity in all the public areas of my building (both entry doors and stairwells) is out, confirmed by a handwritten sign that explains the problem. The problem is that there is no electricity. I’m not sure if it’s related but just yesterday I saw a notice posted in my building that there was an unpaid water bill for … 1,022 euros (more than $1,600).

Did a fairly uninteresting corporate photo shoot and caught up with some friends, including my best friend … a hot baguette.

So, now that I’m back, I hope to get back to my regular blogging.

Some photos of the week – from Paris and LA:

a la cheese
The things you see on the freeway
The things you see on the freeway – Part II
What I already miss!


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