Tennis Time …

The French Open tennis (Roland Garros) is usually my favorite two weeks of shooting each year. For a tennis fan, it’s hard to beat sitting in sun, on the court, and watching the world’s best tennis players go at it. Things got off to a rough start this year, with raining spitting down the first couple of days. And although there has only been one day that didn’t come with the threat of rain, delays have been minimal.

It’s been a rough week for Americans playing there. All the women are out after the first week and only one man – unseeded Robby Ginepri – remains.

Ginepri is the first American man to reach the fourth round of Roland Garros in five years (Agassi in 2003). I shot Ginepri yesterday and he was playing like a man possessed. I can’t remember seeing a match where a player hit shots that literally landed on the lines time after time after time. Not sure how far this former boyfriend of Minnie Driver will go in the tournament but he’s quite entertaining to watch right now. Here’s a photo of his latest opponent Frenchman Florent Serra after he had to endure yet another ball landing on the line:

I will post a compilation of Roland Garros photos when the tournament ends next Sunday but here are this week’s photos of the week:

Strange combination
Why my back hurts
Bad luck parking there


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