Roland Garros, Zeitgeist and Mystery Dinner

The French Open at Roland Garros came to a conclusion today with Rafael Nadal destroying Roger Federer in the Men’s final. The final, being so one-sided, lacked the emotion that we saw in so many other matches in the tournament.

The women’s final was more competitive with Ana Ivanovic fighting her way past Dinara Safina (Marat Safin’s younger sister). Even though this year’s weather was pretty miserable, the tournament was, like always, a treat to shoot. Even if you’re not a tennis fan, sitting courtside and watching the skill and speed of the top players is really impressive.

I’ve put together a 4.5 minute video recap of the two weeks of the tournament. To view the video, CLICK HERE and wait a couple of minutes for it load. Make sure to have your sound on.

Although I may be late in discovering it, I recommend that you watch the movie “Zeitgeist” online. The movie comes in 3 parts (in which each part has multiple parts) – Religion, 9-11 & the Federal Reserve. There are plenty of people all over the internet that attempt to debunk (and de-debunk (rebunk?)) the claims in the movie, but even if each and every claim is not true, I find the movie quite fascinating to watch. My favorite part was Part I, about religion. If you’d like to watch that part, which lasts about 30 minutes, go to these three links:

Part 1 (10 mins)
Part 2 (10 mins)
Part 3 (8 mins)

I’d be very interested in hearing your opinion of the concept expressed in the movie so be sure to post a comment or email me directly.

My favorite moment of the week came last night while I was dining at a Lebanese restaurant on Ile Saint Louis. My friend ordered the special mezze plate which, according to the menu, was a mix of 7 different appetizers from a long list of appetizers that they have. The menu listed a few of the appetizers as an example of what might be among the 7 appetizers chosen for that particular day.

The waiter arrived and when my friend politely asked him which appetizers came with the mezze special that day, he replied “We’re not sure. I don’t even know.” We assumed he was kidding so we laughed but in fact he wasn’t. After my friend asked “How can I know what I’m ordering?” the waiter said “I’ll give you a few more minutes” and left our table. One might have thought that he would go ask the chef (who I assume is the one deciding) but nope, when he came back, the mezze special was still a mystery.

We ordered it still and it was quite good but I think it was the first time that I’ve ordered something that the waiter couldn’t tell me what I was ordering!


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