Hostage, Eiffel in Blue, Lenny Kravitz and George Clooney

I had a very non-traditional 4th of July his year. I had the privilege of being at the presidential/military airport for the arrival of Franco-Columbian Ingrid Betancourt following her release after being held captive for six years in the jungles of Columbia.

Betancourt, who was campaigning for president in Columbia when she was taken by FARC guerillas, was a well-respected journalist here in France and over the last six years, securing her release became an issue of national pride. While I have my doubts about the official story of the rescue mission that freed her, I have no doubt about the real excitement and emotion when she was greeted by President Sarkozy at the airport when she finally returned to France.

To see more images of the historic event, CLICK HERE.

This week also marked France’s turn at having the presidency of the European Union and to celebrate, they decorated the Eiffel Tower in blue with yellow stars, symbolizing the EU flag.

In a system that seems bizarre to many, the EU presidency rotates between member countries every 6 months, not a lot of time to implement any agenda.

Musically, Lenny Kravitz put on the concert of the week. He certainly puts out a lot energy during his show and has a huge following here.

I got a great surprise this week. I met a few friends for dinner and one of them pulled a book out of her purse and asked me to sign it. I thought it was quite odd that someone would ask me to sign the cover of a George Clooney biography so when I asked her why, she told me because my photo was the front cover of the book.

I had no idea that my photo had been used and was quite amused by the surprise. You can see the book on Amazon by clicking HERE.

And finally, some photos of the week …

Lenny rocks
Eiffel Tower in Blue
The best use of Evian
Hear No French, Speak No French, See No French


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