The countryside …

Other than watching the Olympics this week, the highlight of the week was a weekend getaway to my friend’s home in the countryside. I took the train from Gare Montparnasse and headed to the town of La Loupe, about 1 hour and 25 minutes from Paris.

Spent the weekend cooking, eating and trying not to seem like too much of city boy on a field trip to the countryside (I don’t think I fooled anyone). It was a good time, even with the occasional meal time taunting. Despite its high quality, no one can get me to eat a pile of raw meat with a raw egg and other colorful things swimming on top of it. Imagine my friends’ exasperation when I insisted that they cook my ground beef.

The grounds of the home are beautiful and include an orchard and a dozen or so sheep running around.

I can assure you that despite it being a guys’ weekend, nothing like this took place:

And on an unrelated note, ake a few minutes and watch this video. I love the spirit of it. Thanks to my friend “Go” for sending it to me:

Photo of the week:

Rain and sun at Place de la Bastille


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