La Rentrée, The Convention and France 24

Even though I’ve enjoyed some of the calm that comes with August in Paris, I must admit I miss the usual sense that things are happening here in this city. Nothing has really happened here since July. The vibe of the city will slowly start to change over the next couple of weeks, as “la rentrée” (the return) to Paris is completed.

I can’t help but comment on the recent Democratic convention. Imagine being here in Paris, sitting down in front of a TV, watching what should be an extremely important political event with important consequences for the whole world, and seeing grown men and women dressed up in wigs, wearing clown makeup, putting on Elton John-like sunglasses and reacting like they were at a Nuremberg rally. This is serious politics? I find it shameful.

I know it’s a couple of years old but my friend recently sent me this video clip from The Daily Show and I found it damn funny:

And finally, some photos of the week:

“The square is mine!”
Interesting “A”
Metro turnstiles at an RATP building
My friend’s baby


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