The highlight of this week was my visit to a unique Italian restaurant recommended by a friend. The place is called L’Osteria del Gobo and it’s located in the 9th arrondissement (district).

When you walk in, a nice older Italian man greets you and seats you and before you know what’s happening, dishes start appearing on your table. Delicious dishes, mostly vegetarian, keep arriving and arriving. When you’re done eating, the man kindly informs you of what pasta he’s made that day and when it arrives, although you’re pretty much full from all the veggies, you find a place in your stomach for it.

But what makes the place unique is the man himself. Every 30 minutes or so, he puts on some opera music and passionately belts out some Andrea Bocelli or Pavarotti. He grabbed a man dining by himself and together they sang. This is not one of those places with professional opera singers who perform some hourly routine – it’s not dinner theatre. It’s just an older Italian man who loves opera and from time to time during each evening, he busts out a few unchoreographed minutes worth of his favorites.

The place is beautifully decorated, comfortable and welcoming. Add in the fact that it’s reasonably priced (16 euros for the antipasti and the pasta) and it makes my list of restaurants I’d recommend to friends visiting Paris.

On a whim of one of my friends, I visited the gold dome of Invalides for the first time. Built in the 17th century, the complex hosts a military museum, military hospital and cathedral.

But its claim to fame is that the tomb of Napoleon, along with those of his two brothers Joseph and Jerome, and his son (somehow named Napoleon Napoleon) are on display there. Frankly I didn’t find it very exciting but my press pass got me in for free so it was almost worth it.

Now to politics; check out this article:

Associated Press
Sep 3, 10:48 PM (ET)

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei told a group of students at his former mosque that Iran sent troops to fight in the Iraq war on a “task that is from Allah.”

In a recent address, the Iranian leader also urged the students to pray for a plan to build a $30 billion natural gas pipeline, calling it “Allah’s will.” Khamenei asked the students to pray for the troops in Iraq, and noted that his eldest son, Mohammed, was expected to go there.

“I am sending them out on a task that is from Allah,” he said. “That’s what we have to make sure that we’re praying for, that there is a plan and that plan is Allah’s plan.”

Khamenei told graduating students of the mosque’s religious school, “What I need to do is strike a deal with you guys.” As they preached the love of Allah throughout Iran, he said, he’d work to implement Allah’s will from the leader’s office, including creating jobs by building a pipeline to bring natural gas to new markets. “Allah’s will has to be done in unifying people and companies to get that gas line built, so pray for that,” he said.

“I can do my job there in developing our natural resources and doing things like getting the roads paved and making sure our soldiers have their cars and their uniforms and their guns, and making sure our schools are funded,” he added. “But really all of that stuff doesn’t do any good if the people of Iran’s heart isn’t right with Allah.”


In fact, this article is real except that I changed a couple of words. It’s not a speech from Khamenei but in fact a speech from a few months ago from Sarah Palin. I substituted Khamenei’s name for hers, the word mosque for church, the word Allah for God and Mohammed for her son’s name (Track!). The rest is the actual text from the Associated Press article. Just ask yourself how you would feel if you heard a speech like this from a politician from another country.

And for my favorite news story of the week:

Man Attempts To Amputate Own Arm In Denny’s

MODESTO – Modesto police say a local man who tried to cut off his own arm at a Denny’s restaurant thought he had injected air into one of his veins while shooting cocaine and would die unless he took drastic action.

The man, identified by police as Michael Lasiter, 33, rushed into the restaurant on Friday night and started stabbing himself in the right arm with a butter knife he grabbed from a customer’s table, police say. When that knife didn’t work, Lasiter allegedly took a butcher knife from the kitchen and dug it into his arm.

Lasiter, who was arrested and taken to a local hospital with severe cuts, told officers he thought he needed to amputate his arm to keep himself from dying from the cocaine injection, says Modesto police Sgt. Brian Findlen.

The Denny’s closed for the night after the incident.


Finally, some photos of the week:

Custodian at Les Invalides
Woman works on the tiles surrounding Napoleon’s tomb


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  1. Posted by Zenfoolio on September 8, 2008 at 3:26 am

    I really want to try that resto. He looks like a madman…ina good way.

    Maybe Denny’s should have a Grand Smack menu!


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