Bond, Chocolate and Sculptures …

Along with the freezing cold, James Bond came to town this week.

It rarely happens during these kind of shoots but I got to speak with him (Daniel Craig) for a few seconds before the Quantum of Solace premiere. Between his sling (shoulder surgery) and my pseudo black eye (don’t ask), I think we shared a moment of mutual sympathy. He’s pretty damn cool …

But the highlight of the week was the Salon du Chocolat, evidently the world’s biggest gathering devoted entirely to chocolate.

The show brought together over 140 chocolatiers from around the world and I can tell you that walking around there with a press badge on scores you free samples – one woman gave me a chocolate shoe! The craziest thing I saw there was a fashion show with women wearing designer creations made at least in part with chocolate.

To see more images from the chocolate show, CLICK HERE.

The city hall of the 5th district (yes, each of the 20 districts (arrondissements) of Paris has its own city hall) is putting on an outdoor exhibition near the Pantheon.

Giant, beautiful sculptures from an Italian sculptrice named Rabarama are sitting out on the sidewalk for all to see. They’re quiet impressive works of art, especially in that setting.

A few photos of the week …

Another Rabarama sculpture
Another Rabarama sculpture


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