Visitors, Christmas and a Good Resto

Visiting period has opened. For the next few weeks, 5 different visitors will be coming to hang out in Paris. First up were my cousins from New York. We’ve been having fun just tooling around the city, catching up and trying to survive the bitter cold.

Had a great night out with my 10-year old cousin. We hit the town together and spent an action-packed evening that included bowling, air hockey, pool, Elvis pinball and multiple crepes.

Took a break from the city and headed out to spend Christmas Day in Ivry-la-Bataille, about 50 miles from Paris.

Spent a night laughing, eating, drinking champagne and watching the ups and downs of gift giving.

Speaking of eating, went to an excellent restaurant this week. It’s called Alcazar and is located at 62 rue Mazarine in the 6th. The food is modern French but it’s generally a non-French experience. Located on a small street, the restaurant is large (by Paris standards) and chic, almost LA-like, and is own by a Brit (Terence Conran). I can attest that the fish and chips are absolutely delicious. Go for lunch if you can because they have a great specials.

Photos of the week:

A new mosque? No, a Bush press conference (thanks to Norman)
Individually-wrapped french fries
Large paintings at the Louvre
Nipple pinch at the Louvre


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