Snow, Snow and Daniel Craig …

Snow was the talk of the town this week. It wasn’t like Paris got hit by some huge snow storm (which unbelievably happened in Marseille along the Mediterranean coast this week) but for the first time in a long time, the snow fell and stayed … and stayed … and stayed.

It’s very rare to see Paris covered in white and as you can imagine, it’s very beautiful. I went up to Montmartre and photographed some almost dream-like images of Sacre Coeur.

It was pretty odd seeing Place du Tertre (the square in the center of Montmartre where all the artists paint each day) almost completely empty and covered in white (see image below). It looks like things are finally thawing out but along with the oppressively cold temperatures, it’s been a memorable week.

Photographed actor Daniel Craig for the French premiere of his new film “Defiance”. He seems like a nice enough man but he looks like he really could kill you at any moment if you do something wrong.

There were a couple of news stories this week that I found culturally interesting – one in England and the other in France. I think both articles highlight general differences in the mentality of Europeans and Americans. Have a read …

CLICK HERE for the first article.

CLICK HERE for the second article.

(SNOW!) Photos of the week:

Notre Dame in Snow
Might be better to eat indoors
Street in Montmartre
View from Montmartre
Leaves in Snow


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