Back in town, Visual DJs and Fessebook …

My other life restarted this week. And I must say I picked what seems like the right time to come back to Paris. The city feels alive, especially with many visitors in town for the Easter holiday season.

I went with a friend to check out the new Forum des Images, a newly-remodeled space for more obscure movies and more experimental art.  There was festival going on and we just went to check it out without knowing what was on.

Visual DJ's at the Forum des Images

Visual DJ's at the Forum des Images

What we saw was two German visual DJ’s, who mixed live music from the computers while pseudo-synchronized abstract images flashed across a screen behind them.  It was surprisingly entertaining but 30 minutes was about enough.  Had I been under the influence of some kind of hallucinagenic, I likely could have stayed much longer.  You can have a look at a short clip I shot of them HERE.

Another cool thing at the Forum was a room with a light projecting on a screen that modified what shadow came into it.  What I mean is that if you stood in front of the projected light, your shadow on the screen would be grotesquely and comically modified real-time.  It’s not so easy to explain so here’s another VIDEO to illustrate.

After months of debating my friends and with plenty of reservation, I joined so much of the rest of the world on Facebook (or Fessebook (AssBook) as it’s sometimes referred to here).  I fear the impending tsunami of people contacting me but imagine it will at least be entertaining for a few weeks.  I’m mostly a voyeur and will not likely be active on the site, despite what temptation may come.  If any of you have strong feelings about or crazy experiences with Facebook, I’d like to hear them.

Photos of the week …

Sundial on Rue St Jacques

Sundial on Rue St Jacques

Mr. Chicken in the Marais

Mr. Chicken in the Marais


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  1. Posted by Second Baseman on April 12, 2009 at 7:11 pm

    Great shots as usual….Like your stretch picture….If it was true you could have been a Lakers’ starter and we could have been RICH, RICH, RICH….


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