Yes We Cannes …

Apologies for missing my regular Sunday postings but I was pretty much absorbed by the Cannes Film Festival. The most notable thing about this year’s festival, at least for me, was how relatively calm it was. Not the normal barrage of big stars so there were really only a couple of days of big buzz. You can feel the almost manic electricity in the town on those “big star” days. Brad and Angelina’s appearance was the big day this year.

001 - cannes film festival
I was finally placed in the front row on the red carpet this year and that changed everything for me. Not near the same amount of jostling for position and struggling to get images like in years past. Add picture perfect weather on all but one day and overall, this year’s festival was the best ever for me. I’ve put together a slideshow of some of my images from the festival but you’ll need about 7 minutes or so to watch it … so if you have time, you can see my images HERE. (there’s music with the slideshow)

Like always there were a few Cannes experiences. One came when I was relaxing on the Majestic pier and a young woman approached giving out samples of a new product called Le Whif. Le Whif is a “chocolate substitute” concocted by a couple of important French macrobiotic chefs. It comes in something that looks like a ventilator for asthmatics; you put the plastic tube in your mouth and basically inject a refined powder that gives you the sensation that you’ve eaten a chunk of chocolate – without the associated calories. If for some reason you’re interested in this, you can learn more about it HERE.

Another Cannes moment came when I found out that a “hairdresser to the stars” was giving free haircuts on the beach. I headed over there and after a bit of a wait, my time with “Titi” arrived. I told him to give me a whacked-out red carpet hairdo but in the end, he gave me more of a glam rock cut. It was quite nice getting a haircut on the beach.

rock n roll haircut

rock n roll haircut

On the final day of the festival, there’s nothing going on until the evening so I rented a scooter and rode along the coast heading West towards San Raphael. The coastline is of course stunningly beautiful and part of the coastal road takes you up a decent-sized mountain. My 50cc scooter and I made it up and during a stop at a lookout point, noticed a strange complex with bubble-shaped pods nestled at the top of the adjacent mountain.

Bubble Palace

Bubble Palace

I took a few photos of it and then later found my way up to have a closer look. Turns out it’s the house of Pierre Cardin and it’s called the Palais Bulles (Bubble Palace) and is quite odd. It even has it’s own amphitheater overlooking the sea.

Bubble Palace of Pierre Cardin

Bubble Palace of Pierre Cardin

You can learn more and see more photos of the house HERE.

There are of course more bizarre things like this restaurant …

My favorite restaurant in Cannes

My favorite restaurant in Cannes

and why Gary Coleman is stenciled on the side of the Cannes train station …

Gary Coleman on Cannes train station

Gary Coleman on Cannes train station

… but I have no good explanations for them.

If you’d like to see a few more Cannes images … more tangential to the festival, click HERE.


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