Golden Globes, GDay 2010, Bob Hope & Best Place

I’ve been a bit slack with my blog recently; been moving around a bit. It hasn’t stopped me from shooting though. I hit the ground running with a couple of LA red carpet events: The Golden Globes and an event honoring significant Australians.

Penelope Cruz arriving for the Golden Globes

The Golden Globes was a total mess. For some idiotic reason, they didn’t cover a portion of the red carpet despite the fact that everyone knew there was a real chance of rain. It made things messy … especially for the photographers.

Michael Stuhlbarg and his girlfriend Mai-Linh after the Golden Globes

The Australian event was your average red carpet event. Not much I can say about it, although it is rare to be able to photograph Rod Laver and Rick Springfield at the same event.

Toni Collette and Simon Baker share a kiss at the G'Day USA event

Headed out to the desert like I do each year at this time and shot the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament. I enjoy shooting the tournament because there are so many current and former sports stars. This year the list included Emmitt Smith, Bruce Smith, Jeremy Roenick, Vinny Testaverde, Evan Longoria, Yogi Berra, Sterling Sharpe, Greg Maddux , Bo Jackson, Derek Anderson and Frank Wycheck among others.

Emmitt Smith shooting out of a bunker

A new survey, published by International Living magazine, lists France as the best place to live for the 5th year in a row. Australia comes in 2nd, meaning I’ve chosen the countries I’ve lived in pretty well. 😉 The US stands at the seventh position. The reasons listed for France being placed at the top are health care, safety, leisure and cost of living.

A story that caught my eye this week: Air France to charge obese passengers for two seats

Overweight passengers who struggle to fit into just one seat will have to pay double to fly with Air France in a new rule introduced by the airline.
Obese passengers will be charged 75 per cent of the cost of a second seat if they are deemed too large to fit into just one seat of a 43-44cm width.
The airline claims the measure has been introduce for ‘safety reasons’ so that a seat belt fits over all passengers.

Sounds to me like a sneaky way to charge Americans more!

A bold video I like and recommend you watch, despite how bad the song is: CLICK HERE

Some photos of the week …

Putting salt on the sidewalks in Paris

My annual Alice Cooper photo


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