Oscars, Clippers, Carla and Panorama …

I’ve been a bit less regular with my blogs these days; partly because I seem to be busier while I’m in the US and partly because what I do here is more … regular. One irregular event that I got to experience this last week was the Oscars.

The Oscars

Shooting on the Oscar red carpet is always a bit of a buzz but I have to say it was kind of uneventful this year. I was shooting at the end of the red carpet, the part that is just inside the Kodak Theatre complex. What makes this part of the carpet challenging is that when the biggest stars finally arrive, which is pretty much 15 minutes before the show begins, they end up rushing to get into the theater after having spent too long at the beginning of the carpet. So shooting them becomes more like duck hunting (at least how I imagine duck hunting) than red carpet photography.


Most stars, including the utterly unlikeable James Cameron, just whizzed by us but everyone’s favorite George Clooney was his typically cool self and did whatever he could to hang there long enough for us to get some shots. And then apologized for having to move on.

Did I just write about celebrities on my blog? LA must be affecting me.

To see more images from the Oscar red carpet, CLICK HERE.

Had the chance to photograph the LA Clippers – Phoenix Suns basketball game at the Staples Center and managed to enjoy it despite the facts that the Clippers got blown out and it took me over 2 hours to get there from Long Beach (who knew there was a Mexico – New Zealand soccer match at the Rose Bowl with 90,000+ spectators the same night?).


Had fun chatting with Phoenix guard and 2-time league MVP Steve Nash while he was our of the game during the 4th quarter blowout. He has a bad back so he keeps it loose by lying on the court instead of sitting on the team bench. I got to chat with him a bit as did other photographers. Made the game more interesting than the action on the court.

Some wonderful words from the first lady of France.

Imagine our first lady having this conversation!

And finally, to see Paris in a unique way, check THIS out.

Some photos of the week(s):

Clipper Baron Davis blows a bubble

Clipper Girls


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