Ash Kicking, Walking Around and the Italian Operaman…

Everyone who had any travel plans over here in Europe got their ash kicked by the volcano eruptions in Iceland. It’s a gigantic mess here, with no planes flying in pretty much most of central and northern Europe.

Gare du Nord Train Station

I got taken down too; I was supposed to go to Krakow in Poland to cover the funeral of the Polish President today but along with a few others (Obama, Sarkozy, Merkel, etc.) had to cancel due to this bad ash.

The only consolation prize is that it’s finally pretty nice in Paris. Spring seems to be here and with the weekend being sunny, everybody dropped whatever they were doing and hit the cafes and parks. I spent some time getting reacquainted with my neighborhood and my favorite local tree, just behind Notre Dame.

My Favorite Tree Behind Notre Dame

Went with some friends to the Italian restaurant I’ve mentioned before in my blog – L’Osteria del Gobo – to have some good veggies and pasta … and of course to see the crazy Italian owner who randomly breaks out into what seems like operatic seizures.

Operaman Seizure

You’ll be ready to take a sip of your chianti when without warning a powerful voice will scare the crap out of you. Takes a little getting used to but it’s damn entertaining. Only bad news was there was a sign up in the restaurant saying that operaman was now officially banned from singing after 10pm due to complaints from the neighbors.

Some photos of the week:

Girl on rue des Deux Ponts - Ile Saint Louis

Street Scene - rue de Buci


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