Flight Resumption, Don McLean, Goodluck Jonathan and Street Art …

Not so much happened this last week. The skies evidently opened up and airplanes could start flying again. The talk here was about how strange it was that we, and many other places in northern Europe, had picture perfect blue skies and great weather during the days where no airplanes were flying. Conspiracy theorists?

Planes Flying Again

I went down to Charles de Gaulle airport on the day flights were resuming to shoot some images and found, much to my surprise, the place was the opposite of a madhouse. I had never seen the airport so empty before. There have been big doubts about how this whole fiasco was organized. A friend of mine, through great luck, was booked on the first Air France flight from Paris to LA after 6 days of all flights being canceled. Wouldn’t you expect the first flight out to be fully packed with all the stranded people? She told me that her plane was more than half empty … and that there was absolutely no food on board.

Got to shoot my first concert in a while and it was an old-timer … Don McLean, of “bye bye miss American Pie” fame. I mentioned to a friend that I was going to be shooting the American Pie guy and he said “you mean someone redid the Madonna song?” (evidently she did a reprise of this song a few years back). At least he didn’t think it was the soundtrack to that teen movie.

Don McLean at La Cigale in Paris

I knew then that this wouldn’t be a big concert and it wasn’t. But he’s a talented old folk singer and performed all by himself since his band couldn’t get to France because of … the volcano of course.

Read a story this week about Nigeria and came across something that struck me. The current acting president of Nigeria is named, no joke, Goodluck Jonathan. He recently became acting president of Nigeria when the previous president left the country to get medical treatment and evidently forgot to leave anyone in charge back home. So just because I loved this guy’s name so much, I did a cursory search online to see what I could learn about him. Some highlights:

Goodluck Jonathan

Jonathan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Zoology in which he attained Second Class Honors. He also holds an M.Sc. in Hydrobiology/Fisheries biology, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Zoology. He is married to someone named Patience, who was indicted for money laundering but not convicted. He has survived an assassination attempt and his house being blown up. I want to party with this guy.

Finally, I got treated to a bit of random Paris street art while on my way home this week. On a wall at the top of my street, someone put up a full-sized sticker cutout of a couple kissing. But for me, the beauty of it was the fact that someone else (I presume) decided to throw out a toilet and water heater on the same night the sticker went up, and voila, instant art. 🙂

Lovers & Toilet - rue Maitre Albert

Some photos of the week:

Bike Parking

Tunisian Treats


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