Muse, Jane Fonda, Coiffeur & Bahrain Taunting …

Headed this week to the giant Stade de France to photograph a band that is evidently much bigger than I realized – Muse. Maybe they are bigger in Europe than the US but the fact that they sold out the Stade de France for 2 dates says a lot.

Muse in Concert at the Stade de France

They put on a big show but they’re not really my style. I can tell you that the stadium was PACKED with teenagers, screaming with a passion that they usually reserve for vampire movies.

Jane Fonda was in town to pick up a medal from the city of Paris. I’m never sure exactly what these awards are for but I think it’s for her contribution to Parisian art and culture.

Jane Fonda Gets Medal at the Hotel de Ville

It was a relatively tame event, coinciding with a press conference for the 7th annual Paris Cinema International Film Festival. I was impressed with Fonda’s language skills; she gave a thank you speech in very fluent French.

Got a haircut this week at a place in Montmartre that came recommended by a friend. It’s a small, funky place, with only one chair and one guy cutting hair.

Haircut in Montmartre

He was a really cool cat and he seemed to use cutting hair as an excuse for playing his favorite music, as there was a turntable and a wide variety of vinyl and CDs in the place. While I was there, a guy came in to make an appointment but there wasn’t a slot open for 5 days! Not hard to believe – the guy knows how to cut hair, has a cool place and charges a reasonable price. I couldn’t help but think of how different the place was compared to the “temple of vanity” that I occasionally go to in Beverly Hills that holds dozens of people and is like a hair factory.

Do you know those “infomercials” that they show on CNN International? I don’t think you see them on the domestic CNN but they are commercials for countries or tax-free zones or some giant weapons maker. Well, this week I saw one from the country of Bahrain, bragging about the business climate there. Their tagline was “It’s like Wall Street but with boundaries”. You know your country has lost some sheen when you’re taunted by Bahrain!

I heard from some PC users that they had trouble viewing the slideshows from Cannes and Roland Garros that I posted last week. Here they are again in a version that should work for PCs.

Cannes Slideshow

Roland Garros Slideshow

Some photos of the week:

Man Fishing For Coins at Palais Royal

Muse On Stage - Stade de France

The Crowd at the Muse Concert - Stade de France

The Mayor Puts His Nose In Jane Fonda's Ear


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