A Team, 62, Mini Trees and French Soccer …

The new “A Team” was in town to promote the release of their new movie. Although I’m sure the movie will suck, I give them credit for at least being a little creative for their photocall. They arrived in jeeps and the famous A Team van on the Champ de Mars in front of the Eiffel Tower.

Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson of The A Team

It was quite a spectacle. Lots of fans gathered to watch the show and the actors (other than Jessica Biel) hammed it up a bit. I have to say that this group looks a bit more like the Village People than the original A Team.

Bradley Cooper of The A Team

The hot topic in the news here this week was Sarkozy’s plan to increase the retirement age from 60 to 62. I’m guessing many of you will be shocked to learn that retirement age here is currently only 60. In the US and Germany, the retirement age is 67, while Britain is debating increasing it to 68.

Martine Aubry, the Socialist leader, has promised to reinstate the 60-year legal retirement age if elected president in 2012. She has argued that the higher age would “penalize poorer workers who started work young” and would just “prolong the unemployment of seniors” already hard-pushed to find jobs. Wow, those seem like very difficult arguments to win.

Bernard Thibault, head of the powerful CGT union, called on huge numbers of workers to turn out to “put a stop to Mr Sarkozy’s optimism” about pushing through a new law. June 24th is going to be ugly here.

After suffering through weeks of perceived indignation of my neighbors and passers-by (just kidding), I decided it was time to replant some living organisms in the little boxes that hang outside the windows of my apartment.

New Mini-Trees in My Window (anyone know what these are called?)

I decided on these mini-trees (does anyone know what they are exactly?). The first test group went well so soon I will add another group of 3 right next to them, giving my apartment a powerful, macho line of mini-trees that screams “Don’t Mess With Me”. Looking forward to experiencing the new street cred these trees will bring me.

And finally, given the crashing down of the French soccer team at the World Cup, I felt a joke was in order:

A couple with a child decide to divorce…the divorce court judge asks the child: do you want to live with your mom?? The child says: “no, she beats me”…the judge then asks him: “do you want to live with your dad??” He says: “no, he beats me too”…the judge says “so who do you want to live with then???!” 
The child answers: “the french soccer team: they can’t beat anyone!”

Some photos of the week …

Jessica Biel of The A Team

Car Being Towed Away - Rue Monge

New Apple Store Near Opera - Opening Soon


One response to this post.

  1. the trees look really good and add a Parisiene flavor to your apt. but they are what i think they are, these trees grow really big as they are in the fir family. Hopefully they are in boxes and that will stunt their growth – good luck
    You don’t want it blocking your view of the garden across from you as i know it is really pretty and must be even better this time of year.


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