Green Day, Fete de la Musique, Norah and Louie

This was a very musical week: a couple of concerts and the annual Fete de la Musique. The best of the lot surprisingly was the concert of Green Day. There was an INSANE ambiance at the Parc des Princes, with exploding fireworks, security guards dragging frenzied fans out of danger (and sometimes into the back of my head!) and a full dive from the stage … by a spectator.

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day

The high-energy lead singer of the band, Billie Joe Armstrong, chose some random fan to join him up on the stage to sing part of a song. The fan asked Armstrong to take a photo of him, which Armstrong did. Armstrong then signaled to the fan to dive back into the audience. At first the fan didn’t understand what Armstrong was asking but I picked up on his gesture. I ran as quickly as I could from where all the photographers are supposed to stand at the end of an extended catwalk to the main stage and quickly turned around to try and catch a shot of the stage diver, who by this time figured out what Armstrong wanted him to do.

Stage Dive - Green Day Concert

I managed to get one shot, unfortunately not perfectly timed but you can still see what the crazy fan did. It was all a lot of fun, but I was happy to be out of there after 2 songs.

This week was also the Fete de la Musique, the day when music is playing throughout the streets of Paris … and now many other cities around the world. Musicians of all sorts, with talent and without talent fill the streets and alleyways and perform.

Dancing in the Street - Fete de la Musique

Started back in 1982 and always taking place on the first day of summer, the Fete encourages amateur or professional musicians to find a place in the city to play and only puts one restriction on them: all concerts must be free to the public. It’s a great night for a long stroll through the city.

Much less exciting was Norah Jones in concert. I generally like her music but at least during the 3 songs that I photographed her, she really didn’t put much energy out there while performing. Maybe it was the jetlag.

Norah Jones in Concert

And finally, had a visitor in my apartment for a day. M found a baby sparrow on the sidewalk near her work and knowing that it was too young to fly and couldn’t survive on the ground, she brought it over to my place because she had to work the next day.


We did our best to take care of little “Louie” but despite our best efforts, including getting a syringe and trying to inject some food and water into his little beak, we couldn’t get much nourishment into him. He just refused to open his beak. Sadly, Louie didn’t make it more than 24 hours but we hope we at least gave him one more day on this earth.

Some photos of the week …

Bassist Mike Dirnt of Green Day

Cafe Martini

Mini-Tree Update: And now there are six ...


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