Aerosmith, Love Locks, On Hold and Good Friends …

Continuing with concert season, I shot a fabulous, made-for-the-camera concert of Aerosmith this week. They were outrageous and really knew how to play to the photographers and the crowd. Bercy arena was jam-packed and not just with old-timers. There were a surprising number of teenagers in the crowd.

Steven Tyler of Aerosmith

Steven Tyler didn’t waste any time turning up the energy and was jumping and skipping all over the stage like a madman right from the first minute. I imagine everyone in that audience felt like they got their money’s worth. It was real rock n roll.

Joe Perry of Aerosmith

There is a tradition that evidently started about 20 years ago, died down, but seems to be making a comeback these days in Paris. Couples in love get a padlock, engrave or write their names on it, attach it to a bridge and then toss the keys into the Seine river. The act is meant to ensure enduring love. In Paris, the bridge of choice for these love locks has been the Pont des Arts but recently, city officials have started cutting these locks off the bridge, claiming that the locks had to be removed to preserve the bridge’s integrity.

Love Locks on Pont de l'Archeveche

I’ve recently noticed more and more love locks on Pont de l’Archeveche, just behind Notre Dame. I love the idea of these locks and think they actually look quite nice. And of course they add to the already well-known image of Paris being one of the great romantic places in the world. A quick internet search shows that this love lock phenomenon has been going on in many other cities in over 15 countries around the world, but none (yet) in the US (I don’t count Guam).

Love Locks on Pont de l'Archeveche

I just heard about a company called LucyPhone that basically turns the table on these companies that make you wait on hold on the phone for an eternity. I’ve never tried it myself, but the company claims that its service listens to the hold music (or whatever is playing) and once a human comes on the phone, calls you back. So basically you’re not tied up holding the phone to your ear waiting for someone to answer your call. It’s supposedly a free service. I would love to know if any of you have ever tried it and if it really works.

Friends (faces blurred to protect their identity)

I had some really good friends pay a visit to kick off the tourist season here in Paris. They came with their 3 kids and were later joined by another family of 4. We had a wonderful but too short of a time together and somehow managed to quite capably negotiate the streets and cafes of Paris with 5 adults and 5 kids!

Some images of the week …

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith

Love Lock on Pont de l'Archeveche



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  1. Posted by The Second Baseman on July 4, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    Happy 4th of July to you too David…From the not so ugly American….


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