Deauville, Bowling, Walk-Thru and Parking Lot Sports …

Like every year at this time, I spend the week in the beautiful seaside town of Deauville, shooting the American Film Festival there. The town has an old-school 1950’s beach town feel to it with its boardwalk, colorful beach umbrellas and cabins for rent; but it is still very much upscale. During the summer, Deauville gets swarmed with visitors from within France and from England. It is also called “the 21st arrondissement” (Paris has 20 arrondissements) since many wealthier Parisians have a vacation home here given that it’s only 2 hours by train or car from Paris. But during the festival, ironically, the town has a rather calm feel to it.

Horse ride on the beach

The festival is the anti-Cannes film festival since we’re not overwhelmed, things are generally well organized and most people in town are asleep at a decent hour. There weren’t too many big names at the festival; Annette Bening, Zac Efron, Chace Crawford, Terry Gilliam, Liev Schreiber, John C. Reilly and Kim Cattrall were the names that stood out.

Kim Cattrall on the red carpet

You can see some of my images from the festival HERE and a video set to music HERE.

The highlight of the festival was a photographers’ bowling night that I organized. The night started interestingly when the group wanted a quick dinner at … McDonald’s, since it was right next to the bowling alley. The walk-in part of the “restaurant” was closed so we formed a pack and walked through the drive-thru together.

McDonalds Walk Thru

As we were all standing there waiting for our order, a nice, new Jaguar pulled up in the drive-thru. The guy in the car, who obviously had never been to a drive-thru before, and seeing us all standing at the window, just figured that was how it was done and parked his car and got out to order. It was comical.

Bowling in the dark

Had a really fun night of bowling in the dark, some air hockey, some drinks and general tomfoolery. Then, as we were leaving around 1am, someone in the group decided that more “sports” were in order and he busted out a mini-petanque set (like bocce ball) and a volleyball.

Photographers playing parking lot mini-petanque

We split into two groups and in the parking lot, just after 1am, a most-unlikely sporting competition was on. On one patch of dirt, a mini-petanque game broke out; just adjacent, a net-less volleyball game took hold. From my point of view, it looked like a scene from “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” where the patients are let out of the asylum for a few hours.

Photographers playing parking lot volleyball

We all had some good laughs and even still managed to make it to the early (noon!) photocall the next day.

Photo of the week:

Photographers bowling


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