Hats, Burlesque, NBA & Mexican Food …

Went to the big horse race of the year here called the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. I didn’t shoot one horse; I was there just to shoot the crazy hats that women wear to the event. Unfortunately this year, there was no official hat contest like in years past, but women of course still turned up in their favorite stylish head coverings.

Hats at the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe

It’s always a fun event to shoot. To see more images of hats of the Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe, CLICK HERE

Shot a great event this week – the Paris Burlesque Festival. The show was held at a small club in the 20th arrondissement called La Bellevilloise. The place was WAAAAAY overpacked with people and I probably lost a few gallons of sweat given that the temperature inside the place must have been well over 100 degrees. Any fire marshal would have been very unhappy.

Burlesque Festival

But the show was really colorful and entertaining and made for some beautiful (in my humble opinion) images. If you have a few moments, check out more images from the festival HERE.

Burlesque Festival

The NBA also came to town this week. In recent years, the NBA has scheduled a few preseason games in Europe, just to drum up some interest in the league. The arena was packed with people and some French celebrities. It’s pretty clear what an international game basketball has become.

Michael Beasley Drives

And in some very important news, a new MEXICAN RESTAURANT called BocaMexa has opened in Paris, on rue Mouffetard in the 5th arrondissement. I went to check it out just after it opened and the French co-owner (his partner is Mexican) was really nice and when he found out I was from LA, insisted that I try a free quesadilla, just so I could taste the cheese and the tortillas. It was really, really tasty.

New Mexican Restaurant on rue Mouffetard - BocaMexa

The restaurant is very casual, more Baja Fresh style than a formal place. The owner told me that he’s been waiting for a couple of years thinking that someone had to open a place serving good Mexican food in Paris so when no one really did, he got a partner and did it himself. I can’t wait to eat there; I’ll be sure to report back when I do.

Some photos of the week:

Green Shoes

Kurt Rambis and Bill Laimbeer

Very Small Phone?


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  1. […] food here in Paris. They really don’t have a lot of competition, except for the more casual Mexican place that I recently blogged about, which I think has better food. One thing I don’t want to forget on my birth anniversary […]


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