Doobies, ZZ, McRae, Puce, Morning Surprise & Bahrain …

Big music week in Paris … despite the fact that my request to photograph A-Ha in concert was rejected (not kidding). Shot a double concert of The Doobie Brothers opening for ZZ Top. Let’s say it wasn’t the youngest crowd I’ve seen at a concert. But the old men in both bands can still bring it on stage.

ZZ Top

The Doobie Brothers play with two drummers, something I’d never seen before. And the same original three members of ZZ Top have remained together for over 40 years; I’m guessing there are other groups that might be able to top that but I can’t name one (and don’t say the Rolling Stones – they’ve changed band members; and U2 has only been 34 years).

Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers

Back in April I posted a bit about one of my favorite singer/songwriters named Tom McRae (and encouraged everyone to check out his music). Well he was back in Paris this week playing a concert at La Cigale and reminded me again why I believe he is such a talent.

Tom McRae

I really don’t know if he is known at all in the U.S. If any of you out there have ever heard of him (other than through my blog), please let me know ok? I’m curious.

Wandered along the canal through the Puce du Design, a “flea market” of designer and vintage furniture taking place this week. For me the best part was the sunshine, the comedy of the prices and a few super-hipsters that I encountered. There were a few cool pieces like this …

Car Chair for Children

Had a wonderful encounter just after waking up one morning this week. I heard some strange noises coming from the living room; it sounded like someone was doing construction upstairs or on the roof and little rocks were occasionally falling down into my fireplace. I thought nothing of it and jumped into the shower. When I came out however, I had a wonderful surprise. Click on the link below to see my morning surprise.


And finally, I saw a real example of just how badly the U.S’s reputation has taken a beating worldwide in recent years. I saw a TV commercial promoting business in the small, Persian Gulf, island country of Bahrain. And here was the tag line of the commercial:

“Like Wall Street, with boundaries”.


Some photos of the week:

ZZ Top

Patrick Simmons of The Doobie Brothers

Tom McRae

Designer Chair and Lamp - Puce du Design

Designer Chairs - Puce du Design

Crepe Seller - Forum des Halles


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