Striking, BFF, Bordeaux (Georges Larnicol), Balloon Dive & another Gaffe …

Travels and good friends visiting have set me back a bit on my blogging, but it’s time to catch up. By now you’ve likely heard about big street protests going on here in Paris over the government’s decision to raise the minimum retirement age from 60 to 62. The unions and evidently the majority of the population was pretty against this and took to the streets as only they can.

Young Demonstrators

I covered one protest march that was particular charged up. Photographically, as long as you give yourself a way to get out of any jam you might find developing around you, you can usually snap some entertaining photos.

My BFF and his wife Tammi were in town for too few days. They fought through jet lag and colds like champions and we managed to eat and drink well (cheese, wine, profiteroles, hot chocolate), make fun of various menu typos, see some beautiful sites and laugh a lot. Tammi was glowing after a French coiffeur gave her a glamorous “coupe et brushing”. One highlight of their stay was an overnight trip we took to Bordeaux. We arrived there to rainy skies so we did what anyone in Bordeaux would do in this circumstance … we went bowling. More laughter and some humiliation.

Jumping for Bowling - Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a beautiful city with a lot to like about it; however, one place stood out for us … a special patissier/chocolatier store located on the Cours de l’intendance called Georges Larnicol which is among the best I’ve ever seen. They make a special round, dense pastry called “les kouignettes” which will increase your happiness and decrease your life expectancy. Highly recommended. Here’s a photo of their macarons:

Macarons at Georges Larnicol - Bordeaux

Note to self: Don’t play cribbage against Hecht on a train. I ended up unfeated, which I believe should be the opposite of undefeated.

Read an incredible news item last week. There is a park in the 15th arrondissement where the city has a hot air balloon that they use to test the air quality. Well, last week a man sneaked into the park, worked past some security, got into the balloon, set sail, reached about 500 feet and then jumped out of it and committed suicide. Of all the ways one could put an end to it all, this guy’s choice ranks pretty high on the list.

And once again, a French politician has seriously mixed up a word while speaking on TV. Less than a month after former French Justice minister Rachida Dati confused the word “inflation” with the word “fellatio” on live TV, France’s interior minister Brice Hortefeux spoke of “empreintes genitales” or in English, genital prints. He meant to say “digital prints”.

Some photos of the week:

Just No

The Kiss

Carla, we are like you, we've been fucked by the head of state!

School Trash Can Protest

Tammi Lounging in the Tuileries Gardens

Unfortunate Bowling Form

Sign in front of a Bordeaux soap store - Tested On the British


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  1. Posted by Tammi on November 4, 2010 at 1:07 pm

    That picture of your bowling form is priceless! Thanks for the wonderful time David (and Manuella). We miss you already!


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