Burlesque, Sofas, Ice Skating, PSH, Millionaires & ??? …

Shot a photocall for of the film “Burlesque”, which organizers held at the famous Crazy Horse Cabaret. Unfortunately, that was the only good idea they had. They figured it was a good idea to have an OUTDOOR photocall in mid-December; maybe they were counting on global warming happening sooner than predicted.

Cher and Christina Aguilera at the Burlesque photocall

Everyone was frozen standing outside of the theater for about 1.5 hours and then they positioned the stars of the film (Cher, Christina Aguilera, Kristen Bell, etc) in a place where you could barely see it was the Crazy Horse. It would have been much better (and warmer!) to have the stars inside, maybe on stage; it’s really beautifully decorated in there.

Burlesque photocall at the Crazy Horse in Paris

Ikea staged a cool promotion this week. They placed sofas in 12 bus stops around Paris so waiting passengers could sit in comfort. They also moderately decorated these bus stops to look like a room. I took a series of shots from different locations around the city.

Sofa at the bus stop with Montparnasse Tower - rue de Rennes

It’s really fun watching Parisians react to anything out of the ordinary like this. Everyone here is so trained not to react to anything because there is so much constantly going on around them that they’d quickly go insane reacting to everything.

As in years past, the Eiffel Tower opened a temporary ice skating rink on the first floor of the Tower this week. I shot the opening of it, which happened to take place during pretty terrible windy/snowy weather, so there weren’t too many people there. You can imagine that the Tower is not the ideal place to be when the weather is acting up.

Ice skating rink on the first level of the Eiffel Tower

A wonderful actor, Philip Seymour Hoffman, spoke to an adoring audience this week at the French opening of his film “Jack Went Boating”. Surprisingly and sadly, I was the ONLY photographer there. I have great respect for him as an artist and thought there would be the usual pack of photographers there but there wasn’t. I can’t explain why.

Philip Seymour Hoffman speaks to a crowd before a screening of Jack Goes Boating

I read a rather disturbing study done by the bank Credit Suisse recently. There were some interesting facts in the article such as:

* 0.5% of the world’s population controls 35.5% of the world’s wealth
* There are 24 million millionaires and 1000 billionaires
* The US has 5.2% of the world’s population but 41% of its millionaires
* Over 4 billion adults (67% of the world’s adult population) have an average net worth under $10,000
* 1.1 billion adults have an average net worth under $1,000
* if the world’s wealth was distributed evenly, everyone would have $43,800
* Surprisingly, at 9%, France comes in 3rd behind the US (41%) and Japan (10%) in number of millionaires

And now for something I have no words for, other than it appears that this group really loves Israel (try to stay with it as long as you can):

Some photos of the week:

Sofa at bus stop - Ave de l'Opera

Sofa at bus stop - rue du 4 Septembre

Ice skating rink on the first level of the Eiffel Tower

Champ de Mars seen from the first level of the Eiffel Tower


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  1. Posted by Jeff on December 20, 2010 at 5:16 am

    Dave, love the sofa photos. Call IKEA and offer to sell candid photos to them.


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