SB XLV, Sarah, Bob, Pee & Teeth Fashion …

I’m back. Lots to catch up on.

I have very few actual goals. However, one of them was to someday shoot a Super Bowl. Check. Got a chance to spend last weekend in icy Dallas and photograph Super Bowl XLV (50 – 10 + 5 = 45). No other way to say it other than it was a blast.


Lots of work, a long day – ever arrived at 10am for a 5:30pm kickoff, only to get home at 1:30am? – but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. My assignment was mostly pregame and haltime activity but I did get to shoot a bit of game action. Being on the field with the players and shooting the details of an NFL game and event of this magnitude was electric. The high-definition stadium video screen, which stretches 60 yards from the 30 yard line on one side of the field to the 30 yard line on the other side, blew my mind. The stadium itself is very impressive. I guess $1.3 billion still buys you a lot these days.


Big, huge thanks to my cousins out in Dallas who made the whole weekend possible … and fun.

To see more Super Bowl XLV images, CLICK HERE.

On a much tamer note, shot Sarah McLachlan in concert. I’ve always been a secret fan of hers, despite the fact that even admitting that causes my testosterone level to drop. She is so natural on stage and comfortable in her own skin. A real pro with a wonderful voice.

Sarah McLachlan in concert

Another event that I shot that goes in the category of tame was the Bob Hope Classic golf tournament. I happily shoot this event every year. It’s wonderful to tan in January while seeing bizarre combinations of celebrities make appearances and attempt to hit a golf ball. Where else can you watch former NFL player Marcus Allen joking and laughing with rocker Alice Cooper?

Marcus Allen

A couple of stories got my attention over these last few weeks. The first is a story about a new product … a video game based on you aiming your pee. I kid you not. Sega, the video game company, has created “Toylets”, a series of video games placed in toilets where the goal is for you to hit specific targets with your pee in order to succeed … that and to have you pay attention to their advertising. You can read more about this insanity HERE.

Staying with the insanity theme, there’s a new fashion idea coming to life in Japan: bright, multicolored glowing LED lights for your teeth!

Glow Teeth

For now, the glowing teeth are only being used for an advertising campaign but surely it’s just a matter of time until they start appearing on MTV and in rap videos.

Some photos of the week:

Clay Matthews

Sarah McLachlan

Sarah McLachlan

Alice Cooper


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