Rue Denoyez, Drinking on the Job, Bistro in the Marais & Absinthe …

After visiting an exhibition of one of my favorite French singers (Georges Brassens), headed over to Belleville for lunch and stumbled upon a very animated alley, filled with color and street artists hard at work.

Graffiti Artist - rue Denoyez

The alley is called rue Denoyez and is evidently quite known to many but I somehow haven’t noticed it before. If you’re visiting Paris and are checking out the underrated Belleville area, put this alley on your list of things to check out – lots to see there.

To read more about rue Denoyez, CLICK HERE.

Found a story that I enjoyed this week. It involved a threat by the French riot police to go on strike in protest of a proposal that would prevent them from drinking on the job. The national secretary of the police union had a great quote saying that the bosses were “… trying to turn us into priests, but without the altar wine”. The union is fighting to continue the practice of the riot police being allowed to drink 25cl of wine or a small beer with their main meal of the day. Sound reasonable to me but can you imagine an issue like this even being debated in the Anglo world? Even those known lushes the Brits don’t allow their police to drink on the job. Read more HERE.

For years I’ve been complaining that the Marais area of Paris, despite its popularity, didn’t have enough good restaurants. Well I recently ate at quite a good one. It’s called Le Bistro des Comperes and is located on a small quiet street, a bit away from the main tourist part of the Marais.

Organic Ravioli, Goat Cheese Salad & Delicious Bread - Le Bistro des Comperes

Food was delicious, well-presented, fairly-priced and served by really nice waiters. The best thing I tried there was the goat cheese and onion confit creme brulee appetizer (not pictured). Never had anything like it. This bistro is now on my list of places to eat when I’m in that area.

Returning to the alcohol theme, this from the Financial Times:

Absinthe, the drink that inspired artists and poets from Vincent van Gogh to Arthur Rimbaud, looks set to return to its spiritual home after French lawmakers reversed the country’s century-old ban against the drink known as the “green fairy”. Assuming the repeal of the ban, first enacted in 1915, is promulgated next month by Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s teetotal president, producers of the spirit expect a boom in sales. Read more HERE.

Some photos of the week:

Man at Cafe - near rue Denoyez

Asian Youth - rue Denoyez

Students Picnicking - next to City Hall of the 5th Arrondissement

A Man and his Monkey - Luxembourg Gardens

Twins - Photo on Gate of Luxembourg Gardens

Euro Guys - Place Maubert

Ukranian Choir - Grand Palais (from last week)


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