Geldof, Naim, French Dentistry & Signs …

Shot a couple of concerts this week, both much better than expected. Bob Geldof, of Boomtown Rats and Band Aid/Live Aid fame, played a concert in a relatively small venue called Cafe de la Danse. The evening started off well when I was standing outside the main entrance and a few old, British-looking guys walked by me. I thought to myself that this concert may be pathetic if this is what Geldof’s fans look like. Turns out they were the band members.

Bob Geldof

The concert really rocked and was so much better than I expected. The organizers allowed me to stay and watch the whole concert and I thoroughly enjoyed it. And the old band members were totally characters but extremely talented and professional musicians. My favorite guy was the violinist who decided to wear his best outfit for the concert.


Have any of you ever seen Geldof in concert? I know he played at SXSW this year.

Yael Naim is an Israeli singer who is very popular in France, where she lives. Many people in the US know one of her songs “New Soul” after it was used in an Apple TV commercial not so long ago. She was full of joy on stage and really captured the audience.

Yael Naim

Had my first experience with French dentistry this week and I have to say, I was most impressed. Granted, I only did a simple cleaning but still, the office near Gare Montparnasse was impeccably clean, very professional and appeared to have the state of the art equipment. And on top of that, the cleaning cost me all of 29 euros (regular price, not an insurance co-pay!). But the reason I’m writing about the experience is because the cleaning took exactly 4 minutes. I was stunned when the dentist said he was finished. I questioned his rapidity and he said that he uses a machine where he looks through a lens (a Leica lens in fact) and can see exactly where the tartar is on the teeth so he knows precisely where to clean. It’s hard to know if he did a good job but it seems so. I was quite pleased with the experience.

As a followup to my week in London, I shot a few of my favorite British signs that I saw while sauntering. They kind of highlight some of the differences in our cultures. Here they are:

We would say "No Wide Vehicles". They almost blame the street.

A Polite Notice, not a WARNING !

Liberals Not Welcome

America Paincake (they almost got it right with the first attempt to correct!)

Some photos of the week:

Have never seen them together

London Street Scene


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