Paris Air Show, BEP, Dead Wed & Search Terms …

Shot the biannual Paris Air Show this week at Le Bourget airport just outside Paris.  It’s always fun to shoot and despite the fact that I lack the seemingly-required airplane fetish that most photographers there appear to have, I’m always impressed with what humans can design and build.

F-16 Fighting Falcon - Paris Air Show

Started the show by photographing a few US senators, the US Ambassador to France and French President Sarkozy, who were all there to kick off the show.  Spent some time aboard the new 747-8, Boeing’s latest incarnation of the 747, which will be the longest passenger aircraft in the world when it’s put into service later this year.  The engineers on the 747-8 showed me how when they test these airplanes, they use big tanks of water on board and the movement of the water simulates the weight and movement of human passengers.  They also showed me the inside of one of the plane’s four engines and gave me more technical info than I care to recount.

Eurofighter Typhoon - Paris Air Show

But of course the highlight of any air show is the aerial display.  Thankfully the photographer next to me was a military airline pilot and clued me in to the details of each plane and what I should look for.  That was a big help.  The skies were overcast which made for some dramatic images.  I spent the better part of the day out there and quite enjoyed it.

I shot another kind of show this week … the Black Eyed Peas in concert at the Stade de France.  I’ve shot the Peas a few times before and this time was no different.  What they lack in musical talent they try to make up for in spectacle.

Taboo and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas - Stade de France

I’ll admit to liking a couple of their tunes, including the bar-mitzvah favorite “I’ve Got a Feeling”, in which I’m sure their agent made them include a “mazel tov” in the lyrics; but I did find it a tad disturbing seeing some 50-year-olds (among the 75,000 or so teens) mouthing the lyrics of their favorite Peas tune.

Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas - Stade de France

This headline and story caught my attention this week: Woman marries her dead partner

A woman in the east of France whose boyfriend was killed in a road accident has made use of an obscure French law to marry him, almost two years after his death. 

 Karen Jumeaux, who is 22, applied to President Sarkozy for permission to tie the knot with Anthony Maillot. 

 The couple had been together for four and a half years and had a baby boy shortly before Anthony died in October 2009.  

France allows posthumous marriages as long as enough proof can be provided that the couple were already planning to marry.

Finally, I checked out my blog site statistics to see how people are finding my blog, people that I don’t send a notification email to.  And I noticed something odd.  Have a look at the search terms that people are using to find my blog:

Search terms for my blog

A couple of those terms I can understand; but do any of you remember me blogging about “genitalia of homeless men”?  😉

Some photos of the week:

Beriev 202 firefighting airplane - Paris Air Show

Monkey Airplane? and Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas - Stade de France

Dancing Robots - Black Eyed Peas Concert - Stade de France

Things you see just walking home in Paris


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