Track & Field, Garden Party, Tour de France & Wedding followup …

Headed out to the Stade de France this week to shoot the Paris Diamond League track and field event, or as it should be called, the Usain Bolt show. The world’s fastest man is remarkable on the track, even to an amateur spectator like me. Bolt looked like he was barely trying as he slowed up at the end and still dominated the mens 200 meter event, easily beating France’s Christophe Lemaitre, who last year became the fastest white man in history.

Usain Bolt crosses the finish line

Track meets are quite fun to shoot but are very confusing. You have a stadium full of people, of which some are watching the high jumpers, some the pole vaulters and some the shotputters. So what happens is you randomly hear people explode into a frenzy applauding and cheering and you have no idea why because you’ve been watching another part of the stadium. It’s a bit disconcerting for a photographer because you constantly feel like you’ve missed something. Thankfully the highest profile events like the race Bolt won are pretty much isolated so everyone is focused on one thing.

Clearing the bar

For a reason that is still unclear to me, I got invited by the US Ambassador to France to join him and a couple thousand of his closest “friends” for a 4th of July celebration garden party at his private residence. I was expecting a much smaller affair but as it turned out, it was attended by a wide variety of people, including a former French prime minister and a couple of cast members from Glee.

4th of July Garden Party - Ambassador's Residence

The residence, on rue Saint-Honore, is of course beautiful and was only enhanced by the Ambassador serving mini-hamburgers and mint juleps to everyone, saving the French touch for desserts including mini-eclairs, tartes, etc. I was happy to be invited to the event but in the end, it was a bit too crowded and only modestly interesting. Especially because I’ve never seen Glee. 😉

4th of July Mini-burgers

The Tour de France got started this week and although I usually address this event when I cover the finish line in Paris, I thought this video was brilliant enough to share with everyone now.

And just as a followup to my Monaco wedding blog entry last week, I found out that Paris Match, a big magazine here in France used one of my images of the wedding on a full page. They didn’t put my name on the photo (they listed it in a credit box earlier in the magazine) but it’s still nice to see my images out there being used.

My image in Paris Match

Some photos of the week:

Men's 110m hurdles

Flying during the triple jump

Giving praise?

South African Oscar Pistorius - he competes against non-handicapped athletes; he got 5th place in the 400m

Steeplechase competitors lining up for the start of the race


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  1. Posted by The Second Baseman on July 10, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Looked like a much calmer and enjoyable week…Photos as always, great…


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