Water Heater, Solar BBQ, Dick Perry, 405 Party and Mumford …

Granted I’m not exactly what one would describe as a handyman but I was pretty astonished to find out exactly how my water heating system works. A serviceman came by recently to do a cleaning and to make sure things wouldn’t explode and when he took apart the heating system, I was pretty surprised to learn that I’d been living with a machine that shoots flames at the water to heat it each time I turn on the hot water.

Water Heater in Action

The system works well. I was wondering if we have systems like this in the US. Maybe this is how those “waterless” heating systems work? Does anyone have one of these?
Along the same lines, has anyone ever heard of a solar BBQ? I actually saw this on sale at a big department store (BHV) here.

Solar BBQ

This couldn’t possibly work could it?
Speaking of insane things, please watch this video and explain to me how this guy can be a governor of a state in the US. He’s even considering a run at the presidency. I can’t figure out how this doesn’t violate the most liberal reading of the separation of church and state.

To me it feels like a return to the Dark Ages. Does this bother anyone else as much as it bothers me? Because it really drives me crazy.
My favorite story of last week was this group’s reaction to the big 405 shutdown in LA. Evidently they used the freeway closure as an opportunity for a dinner party. Love it.

Dinner Party on the 405 (borrowed from the LA Times blog)

And just in case you haven’t heard of a group called Mumford and Sons, please listen to their music. I’m not sure I’ve heard a better band come around in many years.

And here’s one shot on the streets of Paris …

Some photos of the week:

Pre-breaded Meat


Funky Building Along the Champs-Elysees


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