I’ve been a bad man …

… I’ve been seriously remiss in my blogging duties this past month. My last post was one month ago. Not good. But I’ve been quite occupied making up for the lost time I spent on the sofa the last 2 months. Since my last blog entry, I’ve been to Rome for a week (Rome Film Festival) and Belfast for a few days (MTV Europe Music Awards). Really enjoyed both places; Rome is like an old friend to me now and Belfast like a new one. Got extremely lucky there and probably had the three sunniest days that that city gets all year. Learned so much about their history – who knew they STILL had a functioning wall separating the Catholic and Protestant areas of a certain part of town? – and was really happy to be in the city while it was experiencing what many residents described to me as the biggest positive event to hit Belfast in recent history. The whole town was buzzing and it made for a great experience.
So much has happened over the last month that I think I’m just going to let the photos tell the story. So here goes …

Rome International Film Festival


The new vampires from Twilight - Nicki Reed & Jackson Rathbone - Rome International Film Festival


Pizza Makers - Rome


Lady Gaga - MTV Europe Music Awards - Belfast, North Ireland


Justin Bieber - MTV Europe Music Awards - Belfast, North Ireland


Steel-cut oat porridge with honey and bananas - Belfast, North Ireland


Famous Gunman Mural - near Shankill Road - Belfast, North Ireland


Peace Wall - The Falls Road - Belfast, North Ireland


Botanical Gardens - Belfast, North Ireland


Pervert Poster - Belfast, North Ireland (despite the 800 telephone number)


Birds in cage in dress made of chocolate - Salon du Chocolat


Models in fashion made of chocolate - Salon du Chocolat


Baby got back - Salon du Chocolat


Macaron Shoes - Salon du Chocolat


Flea - Red Hot Chili Peppers in Concert - Paris Bercy


Roger Federer - BNP Paribas Paris Masters


Andy Murray Ball Problem - BNP Paribas Paris Masters


Roger Federer (winner) and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga (runner-up) - BNP Paribas Paris Masters


US vs France Mens Soccer - Stade de France


Exhibition - FIAC Contemporary Art Fair - Grand Palais


Johnny Depp and Amber Heard - Premiere of "The Rum Diary" - Champs-Elysees


Steven Spielberg signing autographs - World Premiere of Tintin - Grand Rex Theatre


People Hanging From a Building - Centquatre - Paris


Just kidding - Centquatre - Paris


Launch of Paris Photo Week - Ambassador's Residence - rue Saint-Honore


View From My Window Last Week


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