Monte Carlo, Spiderman, Woody, Emilie and Being a Tourist …

On the heels of Cannes and the French Open, spent a relatively calm 4 days in Monaco for the 52nd Annual Monte Carlo TV Festival.  Missed the first day thanks to the French Open final being rained out and delayed one day so when I arrived to sunshine on the Cote d’Azur it was a real treat.  What’s nice about working in Monaco is that everything is well organized, air-conditioned and accessible by public outdoor escalators.  Spent the week shooting random TV stars and like each year, Prince Albert joined in the fun for the closing ceremony.  I’m always on guard when Prince Albert is around because he has been known to impregnate random foreigners (enjoyable side note:  CLICK HERE).


Eva Longoria

Bold and the Beautiful

Bruno Salomone

Eva Longoria (L), Prince Albert II of Monaco (C) and Anne Sweeney

Michael Madsen

Nathan Fillion


Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen

Eva Longoria

Shot a couple of French premieres, one for the latest rendition of “Spiderman” and the other for Woody Allen’s latest installment of tributes to European capitals (“To Rome With Love”).

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield – Spiderman premiere

Emma Stone – Spiderman premiere


A few weeks ago while watching a late-night TV music show here, I saw a performance by an unknown young woman name Emilie Gassin (well I guess she was known enough to be on TV). She gave a great performance, including banjos, and it motivated me to contact her. Turns out she’s Australian but has grown up in France. We met and had a nice conversation and she agreed to let me shoot some of her concerts and rehearsals. She hasn’t yet released her first album but that should happen this year. It’s kind of cool to shoot a performer as they’re working their way up the ladder. Here’s a wacky video clip of what will be her first single.

Emilie Gassin

Had a visit from two good friends, who will remain nameless since I didn’t ask them if I could mention their names. Had a blast being a tourist in Paris with them. We explored some lesser-known areas, took some ridiculous photos and ate some really good meals (including hot chocolates). When good friends come out to visit, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with the beauty of this city. If you think that I might like you, then come on out here (and please bring some Ziplock bags).

The joy of Opera


Some photos of the week:

Bride and Veil – Pont de l’Archeveche

Churros & chocolate at a fancy restaurant

Le Bon Marche

Models and Chicken at Opera

I love the explanation of this street name. Basically it says “named after an important building from the 17th century that was wrongly attributed to Colbert.”

Le Schmuck


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