Olympics, What French Kids Eat, Cinna Pas Bon, Jacuzzi Delivery, Piranha & Madonna Followup …

No, I’m not at the Olympics. I was originally scheduled to go but plans changed. Part of me wishes I was there but part of me is happy not to be dealing with what must be a total mess there in terms of moving around, security and crowds. Rio 2016.

Personally, I love the Olympics. Not really for the regular competitive sports so much as for the bizarre sports and unthinkable events that only seem to happen every four years. Like what you might ask? Like what happened at one of the weightlifting events. Two competitors lifted identical weights with identical times and when this happens, the tie-breaker used is the athlete’s bodyweight, the idea being that the lighter person has lifted a greater amount relative to his weight.
Poland’s Adrian Zielinski and Russia’s Apti Aukhadov both lifted 385kg (about 850 lbs!) in the men’s 85kg category (about my weight), but Zielinski was declared champion by virtue of being 130g lighter at the pre-competition weigh-in. That’s about four and a half ounces, equivalent to a chicken breast, a small cup of water, or half a mug of tea. Can you imagine that a gold medal came down to something like which one of the competitors had a bowel movement that morning?

But the real highlight of the Olympics so far has not been all the swimming greatness or gymnastic success. It’s been trampolining. Who had any idea this sport existed let alone was part of the Olympics. I adore how the camera moves up and down at the same level as the “athlete” bounces (at least the coverage in France is like that) making me kind of sea sick. I love how high they can bounce and I love how when they decide to end their routine, they can NOT bounce at all.

Dong (photo borrowed)

But what “completes me” in terms of loving the sport is one of the trampolinists from China. His name is Dong Dong. Yes, Dong Dong. In my attempt to learn more about the man, I found an article in the Miami Herald titled “Legendarily named trampolinist makes mark at London Olympics” which noted that “Until these Olympic games, few people had ever heard of Dong Dong, outside of roughly 1.3 billion Chinese. Because Dong Dong — or, as he is known in China, where the surname comes first, ‘Dong Dong’.” Everyone needs a hero.

I’ve probably walked by the elementary school in my neighborhood hundreds of times but this week I stopped to look at their bulletin board. Here’s what I saw:

Elementary school lunch menu – Paris

I have no idea about the quality of these items but I’d venture a guess that they’re not bad. They certainly sound better than what we used to eat at school. And every item with a green box next to it is organic. Meet you at the school for sardine Wednesday?

Here’s how we reward a country who, with a little help, decided to get rid of its dictator: “Cinnabon has opened a bakery-cafe in downtown Tripoli, making it the first U.S. franchise to enter Libya. The new 7,500-square-foot Cinnabon store in Libya is located on a busy street in Tripoli’s business district. It also sells Carvel Ice Cream.” Democracy never tasted so good.

Here’s a new idea that I may someday have to try: home-delivery jacuzzi rental. I kid you not. A company in Paris is offering you the opportunity to have a jacuzzi delivered to your home, installed in 30 minutes, filled with water in 1 hour and then you’re ready to party. They offer 3 tub sizes from 2 people up to 6 people and when you’re done, they come back, dismantle the tub and take it back. Prices ranges for 200-350 euros for a 24-hour period. Have a look at how much fun the people in the photos on the website are having; looks like the big tub even comes with a fruit bowl! CLICK HERE

In an unrelated story, a piranha was found in the Canal Saint Martin this last week.

Piranha found in the Canal Saint Martin (image borrowed)

In a followup to my rant last week, this past week Madonna showed how delusional she is about the rip-off concert she just did in Paris by saying “Unfortunately at the end of the show — after I left the stage — a few thugs who were not my fans rushed the stage and started throwing plastic bottles pretending to be angry fans.” I was there. There were not a “few thugs”. There were hundreds of people. And no one was pretending to be angry. The anger was real. And these were her fans, specifically from her fan club. I could tell because many of the people who were really angry afterwards were totally crazily into the concert while it was happening. There’s a group forming in Paris that is organizing to sue Madonna for this. I realize there could not be many of you out there who care at all about this but it feels good to get the word out after getting screwed over.

Some photos of the week:

Waitress on break – Ile Saint Louis

Amusingly-named cup cakes – rue Mouffetard

Disturbingly-flavored cup cakes – rue Mouffetard

Solo movie theater experience – Montparnasse

Note on my neighbor’s door (can anyone read this?)

Just another street named after a 14th century baker – rue Tiquetonne


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by The Second Baseman on August 12, 2012 at 4:44 pm

    Could you by any chance find me a sour cream herring with onions cupcake???


  2. Posted by Jackie Denney on October 29, 2012 at 9:07 pm

    Apparently the same thing happened at Madonna’s early October concert in San Jose. Fans expected an 8 o’clock start, but were subjected to DJ music from 8:45 until 10:45 when Madonna finally got on stage.


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